Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Its been a while....

I'm sorry its been so long since I've added anything to this...I was afraid this would happen! I have about 3 engagement sessions I'm working on, and my poor bride Angela!! She has been waiting so patiently...I have them done FINALLY!! I've been trying to get them ordered all day, for some know, when you're in a hurry, and lost all patience....the Lord gives me something I have to be patient with...Well, that's what happened today. For some reason, I haven't been able to upload the 300 prints for her proof book...I've tried, and tried....and still nothing. Its after midnight, and I've about gave up. I've even been trying to get her slide show online, I thought I'd surprise her...the music won't upload, so I've been having trouble with that too!! I thought, OK...I'll put one of my favorites of her wedding on here tonight, so she doesn't think I've totally forgot her...Angie this is for you! I don't know if you look at this or not, if you do...I'm publicly telling you "I'm sorry for taking so long, and thank you for being such a doll!" Everyone that knows her would tell you this...she has been incredible to work with, and I've needed her! I'm so swamped, I can't get my orders put in, and everything edited...and she said, you take all the time you need, I'll wait! WOW! Can you believe that...the Lord sends me blessings in so many ways, and Angela has been a blessing. Everyone reading this, say a quick prayer for me...I need it! GOOD NIGHT~ Penny

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