Friday, June 3, 2011

3 Months!!

Isn't it funny, how when you were small...and adults always told you not to wish your life away wanting to be older. You don't see their wisdom till its to darn late! 3 months have just flown by, and its trickling onto the 4th....I see how fast my girls have grown, and now getting to watch it in a little slower motion with Jasey...hoping that I enjoy the moments (I was probably too busy cleaning my house back in the day, I actually cared about house work when the girls were small, now I'm on survival mode, and it really doesn't get to me as bad anymore) Picked up is a successful enough day for me. I'm sure all you Momma's with teenagers understand. And all of you who thinks that your babies will be babies forever...I hate to tell you, but once they hit Kindergarten, its a vicious cycle!! And then when high school hits, you just better hold on!! Well this way you all can watch Jasey grow bit by bit...and each of you, take a breath today, sit and read a book or watch a movie with your kiddos...we'll be old fogies before to long, and then we'll look back and wish we had more moments with our kids than a clean empty house!