Sunday, April 27, 2008

A few more Seniors....

Why can't I walk in heels?? I guess as a little girl I didn't practice enough. I was out climbing trees, and catching frogs!! All of my girls are about the same way, but when they're not outside, they're playing dress up and singing...I didn't have "Hannah Montana" growing up...or High School Musical...and its sad to say, I think I have most of the songs memorized off of HS Musical!! I thought these few pictures showed my style...I always get plenty of smiles :)
But this is what I like to get...more of a model, magazine look for them. I think they like it better too....They're Daddy's may not, Sorry Dads....Youth is beauty!! And these girls had a style all of their own, I was proud of what we got working together...I hope they were too! OK, back to work...I've got some Braymer boys to get done! And a few from Lathrop...and a few from Polo!!!! We're almost to the end of the 2008 school year, Aren't we???? Calgon, take me away!

Some of the last 2008 Senior Girls...

I've had a lot of fun with some of these last minute seniors...yes, I'm still doing some 2008 Seniors!! Oh, they're just busy...and think they're senior year is gonna last forever, and then one morning they wake up with less than a month till Graduation. I have been blessed with some beautiful girls (OK, the guys aren't so bad either!!) I just have so much fun taking pictures of Seniors!! Something I thought at first that I wouldn't even mess with has turned into one of my favorite, what's not my favorite...Having to get them edited as fast as I possibly can, making my crazy life just a little more crazy!! But I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on any of these girls...I wish them the very best in everything they do!! I'll try to post a few more in a while....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Do you still look at each other like this??

Well, do you?? I always get a kick out of my sister when she says I look at my husband like a love sick school girl...but that's how I feel! I look at him like he's my night in shining armor and I can't wait to see him everyday when he gets home from work. I try to capture that look between two people, and I really think these two needed no direction from me....see it in their eyes, its like they're looking into each others soul. I hope I capture this every time...but you have to admit, you've got to feel pretty comfortable with me and the camera before we get this....these two were great! They were so wrapped up in each other, I just had to stand back and! I hope they had as much fun as I did, and I hope they enjoy what I caught, I was very happy with all of their pictures...I just wanted my cheerleaders to see this look, and tell them to try to remember to look at your husband like this everyday...You never know when its going to be the last time you see each other, always say "I love you" with your eyes...they want to feel adored, even if they won't admit it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Does Every Woman want this??

Hello everyone, I was just looking through the engagement session I took today, and came upon this one, it's one of my many, many favorites...isn't she beautiful!!

I started to think, does every woman want this of themselves, but we're to afraid to ask? I want this, When I'm taking pictures, I'm always looking to make someone feel like they're so much more than they think they are...Of course, Ashley knows she's pretty, but did she know she was this incredible!! I'm sure Chad is gonna go nuts over this....but would she even get this picture?? And if a woman has this kind of picture of herself, where does she hang it?? I'd say above the bed, so when she comes in totally exhausted from her day, she'll look at it and feel so good about herself she'd, you know... have really sweet dreams :)

I'd like to know what some of you ladies think...And even you men, would you want a picture of your wife like this?? And ladies, would you be brave enough to hang it, or would you feel vain??

I want all you girls to feel like're one of God's most beautiful creations!