Friday, October 30, 2009

Couldn't wait...

Okay, I couldn't wait...I've wanted to make his cd cover for years, so this is what I was going for...I should have took more pictures of him, but WOW...did I say WOW!!

The wind can be wonderful...

I was just thinking, and that really slows me down! Ha to all of you that know me...see I know it! Anyways, I didn't want you all to think the wind can't be a wonderful thing too...Here's a few pictures from another wedding this season, and the wind helped me capture emotion in the first picture, and that's a photographer's dream...this beautiful bride doesn't need the wind's help for emotion, she is a box full of giggles, and absolutely adorable! Anyways, I've posted more tonight than I have all month...I've got to get back to work!! Good night!

Why "crazy" Missouri Fall is worth it!

Just wanted to show you why fall is my favorite time of year....some days you are blessed beyond measure with color, some days rain...and today WIND!! But its days like this one above that makes it all worth it.

Still going, and feeling

Okay, not feeling OLD, but a little older...I just got done taking some senior pictures of a special someone that I used to babysit when I first got married....he was such a good little boy, when I watched him I honestly thought the Lord would bless me with little boys just like him...he had other plans for me apparently, but this young man has always been special to me just the same. His parents are wonderful, and he has the sweetest younger brother! Anyways, I thought I would post a picture of him and let all of you know "that read this", I'm still going.....seems like I'm running on empty with no end in sight right now, but hopefully all of these pictures will be worth it to the ones that get to spend some time with me during this crazy fall season!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rained out, and Game still on!

Well, I'm rained out again....its so cold, I just have to look at it like I'm lucky today and get to work in front of this computer in my nice warm house....think positive right! Well, I looked through a few sessions, and played with a few this morning...bad habit! Anyways, I wanted to post a fun picture from my trash the dress session, I didn't want to just post "Bob"!! We're still going to have a game tonight, so again, please pray for the girl's safety and health, you can pray they win...but I'm sure the other team is praying they'll win as well, I hope they're just able to do their best! They have had a tough year, so this means alot to them. Good luck Lady Panthers!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bob from "Biggest Loser"!!!

How many of you watch "Biggest Loser"?? Well I wish I did, so I could have been as excited as my Bride and Groom this weekend! They live and preform in Branson, and know the meaning of "the show must go on" because it was sooo cold for their "trash the dress" session...I had long underwear on and Gina Kay had a two pairs on...and not once did our beautiful bride complain...not once, even when her adorable little chin would chatter....she was such a showmen! And our handsome groom was just as ornery as ever, tons of energy this couple....but when they saw "BOB" was worth all the chills!! We went to the Liberty Memorial, and they were taping a Dr. Oz show that will be coming out...a Missouri vs. Kansas fitness series...and there was Bob, taping a segment. He was so cool....( and very normal I would have totally dismissed him as a very dedicated fitness freak, workout in the COLD, crazy!!) They asked him if he'd pose in a picture with them and he hollered back "Absolutely!" How cool was that! After he was done, he ran over to us! Anyways, just thought it was awesome, so I had to share it with you! My girls already think that the groom is a "super star"we have his autographed head shots in their bedrooms, he's also been on "America's Got Talent" They both are in shows in Branson, and they can sing!!! Both of them can you can imagine how fun their wedding was, I felt like I was part of a Branson show with all the stars...anyways, enough about that, gotta get back to about everyone start praying for nicer weather, senior pictures in the cold, I feel sorry for my seniors...oh, and Sammie Jo's team won districts too, so we'll be sitting at a very cold softball game Wed. night, so pray for their team, that everyone stays healthy and they have a warming from the inside can also pray that their gloves and bats are hot too! lol...Talk to you soon, PEN