Thursday, September 11, 2008


I wanted to write a little today about this great country we live in...some of you know today is my birthday, yea...9/11 changed so much for me 7 years ago. Its hard to think of my birthday when I think about what our great country went through and all of the ones that were lost that day...whether they were in the Twin Towers, airplanes, the Pentagon...or just the rescue workers doing their jobs and lost their lives serving others.....I cried for most of the morning, I told my girls we were all going to wear our red AMERICA shirts and why, and then I turned on to watch some of the programs....Some of us have no idea what was lost that day, Mommies and Daddies...Grandparents...Aunts & Uncles, and friends....families from different countries. We take for granted just how much "Freedom" costs, and just how easy the ones we love can be taken from us. I just want each of you to say a prayer for those families that are still in mourning, and pray for our troops and our government...its been 7 years since this attack, and they've tried can say want you want about the government, but they've done a good job protecting us this past 7 years....My gas is way to high, and money is tight...but is there any other place on earth you'd rather raise your family?? I feel safe here, there isn't a day that goes by that I even worry about my freedom....or my safety. See, take for granted...On a day like today, you have to stop and think about our safety, and I still feel safe, sad today...but safe. GOD BLESS THIS GREAT COUNTRY, LAND THAT I LOVE!! GOD BLESS AMERICA~ Penny

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trash the dress??

I have fallen in love with this couple, more than they know. They are so good together, fun, playful...totally HOT!! Everything you could want in models, but even deeper...they truly love each other, and are the perfect example of things even better on the inside than the outside, they are just the best! Other than getting my beautiful bride "car sick" we had a wonderful day. We ended up at the same park and fountain that he proposed to her, which made it even better!! I wanted to share with you a few, there will be soooo many...but I knew some of you were looking forward to what "trash the dress" really was, and we didn't trash it, there is a chance you're gonna get dirty, but you know...most of the time its already dirty from the reception, so its more like we just washed it in the fountain :)
The parking garage...My husbands idea, I know!!

Just beautiful!!

She was so sick by now, but you sure couldn't tell~

See what I mean by playful, so cute!!

Okay, this had to be one of the coolest sessions EVER!! I hated to even show my husband this last one...all he could say was...WOW! I'm just glad I couldn't read his mind :)

My sister and I had a ball doing this, and I hope this just shows you its more like a contemporary bridal session than a "trashing" I think we're gonna get her dress out
( she's about the only one I know that can still fit in her wedding dress after 5 years)
and see if we can't talk my brother in law into a session...
Thank you to my brave couple for being my first, Ashley....Let me know what you think!!