Friday, October 17, 2008

Some good lookin' Seniors!

Hello Everyone,
Thought I would show you a few of the Seniors that I've done this year so far...I know, I've taken alot of you, but this is the only one's I've gotten done so far. I've got a few family sessions I'm wrapping up tonight...I'm sure they're dying to see them too?? I'm staying about one day ahead of a if that tells you anything, its not pretty! I'm gonna pull an all nighter tonight...husband is coon hunting, and the girls are all having sleep overs, so this is the night! Big plans...Catch up & coffee! I'm getting a late start, but I wanted to get a few of these on here. Check back in a few days, hopefully I'll have a few more to post...PENNY

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Copeland Girls Rule!

I finally did something for myself today...I took MY girls pictures! That was something I had planned to get done this summer, and never did...not that any of you aren't as important...but my own baby girls have had to wait, and wait...and me, I've had to wait and wait!! Now I can get my jewelry ordered!! I know at least Amanda will be as happy as I am, the rest of you will just have to wait and see....

These are my girls, all just as beautiful as the next. All of them wanted to do a "hottie" look, but they look way to old!! Even Mary wanted to strike a pose, she's gonna be a handful!! Anyways, I wanted to post them tonight since its been a while, and also, wanted them to be able to show them off at school tomorrow. I've got to finish a wedding album tonight, so its back to the real world, but tomorrow...I'm ordering my new jewelry! Good night~Penny