Friday, July 24, 2009


Here is just a quick look at my new LOGO!! I just love it...I'm having a hard time getting it to work with my "DUMB" website, its 1:00am, and I've been trying my that a word, I'm good at making words up, especially when I'm this tired! But I wanted everyone to see it. If anyone needs a logo designed, give me a ring and I'll set you up! Can't you just see it on a t-shirt! Good night all! Sleep tight...

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hello Everyone...I know, two days in a row! What's gonna happen, lol! I wanted to show you a few "cuties" that I've been working on...They're all so adorable! I had to post a few so you know I'm still here working! Went on a road trip today, we took my Sammie Jo and her best friend to church camp in Kansas today....we sure are going to miss her! They sure are out in the boonies, I know I live in the boonies, but this was way out there! At least they're together, they'll keep each other safe. And its church camp right...even with the new swimming suit that would make your jaw drop, she doesn't know just how beautiful she is...I guess that's a good thing! Anyways, here are a few pictures, until we chat again!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Girls!

This is Sidney on the right with one of her bestest friends in the whole wide world! BESTEST!! Their birthdays are just a day apart, so we had a combined "friend" birthday party! The kids all had a blast...their was music, dancing, food...and a hot tub! Sparkling grape juice in plastic champagne, balloons and a whole lot of FUN! This is the picture that I liked....but I got out voted really fast! See the picture below, that's the one they picked for their invitations!

Well we just ended a night celebrating Sidney's 12th birthday. Her "family" party was tonight....lots of food, LOTS!! I think we do this every time my family gets together. They all bring to much, and it all looks soooo good! We all over eat! lol!! We had a great time tonight with family and friends. Last year I posted her picture on her birthday, so I thought, well....why not this one. Sidney acts like a 12 year old, until it comes to pictures...then she wants to look like a 20 year old Movie Star! I've caught alot of crap for taking this "hot" of a picture of my daughter...but they wanted to feel like rock stars, and that's what they got. Beautiful to start with...but add a little makeup, great hair...and a couple of sparkly dresses....mix that with an alley and this is what you get! Maybe a little too much leg for their daddies! I think they look incredible! Young & Beautiful! Happy Birthday Girls!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Home for a day....

Hello Everyone! We got home last night after 11pm, and even though we spent alot of hours in the car...I think this was one of our favorite vacations! South Dakota has alot to offer! We had a blast...perfect weather, and beautiful scenery! I took more pictures on this vacation than I ever normally be honest, I usually hate taking my camera, but I knew it would be beautiful so I did, and I'm so very glad ...Here are just a few of my favorites, going to the lake this weekend...I took my laptop and got a little done before it locked up on me...think I figured it out, but not till we got going to be taking it to the lake (or at least to the cabin) I'll leave you with a few pictures of my family and of me & Chris....its our 17th anniversary today, so the girls were more into taking our pictures this week....maybe because they're getting older, or maybe because they need pictures for their 4H projects, but anyways...I got a few of us together that aren't half bad if I do say so myself!! Talk to you when I get back!