Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Girls!

This is Sidney on the right with one of her bestest friends in the whole wide world! BESTEST!! Their birthdays are just a day apart, so we had a combined "friend" birthday party! The kids all had a blast...their was music, dancing, food...and a hot tub! Sparkling grape juice in plastic champagne, balloons and a whole lot of FUN! This is the picture that I liked....but I got out voted really fast! See the picture below, that's the one they picked for their invitations!

Well we just ended a night celebrating Sidney's 12th birthday. Her "family" party was tonight....lots of food, LOTS!! I think we do this every time my family gets together. They all bring to much, and it all looks soooo good! We all over eat! lol!! We had a great time tonight with family and friends. Last year I posted her picture on her birthday, so I thought, well....why not this one. Sidney acts like a 12 year old, until it comes to pictures...then she wants to look like a 20 year old Movie Star! I've caught alot of crap for taking this "hot" of a picture of my daughter...but they wanted to feel like rock stars, and that's what they got. Beautiful to start with...but add a little makeup, great hair...and a couple of sparkly dresses....mix that with an alley and this is what you get! Maybe a little too much leg for their daddies! I think they look incredible! Young & Beautiful! Happy Birthday Girls!

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Amy said...

I would have to go with you on the favorite birthday pic. Kids need to be kids they grow up too fast as it is.