Monday, March 31, 2008

Comments about my NEW website!

Hey Everyone! I thought I would post some of the comments I have gotten about my new website...Dorinda is a friend that I met through a photography workshop, Hey Girl!! Kyla...she's my album designer, that is just completely awesome!! And then last but not least...KARI!!! Kari is one of my brides (bass boat, and fishing poles...) I had so much fun at Kari and Brad's wedding, they had a great bunch of friends. Kari is one of the blessings I have gotten from was a job the day we met, and I have a friend for life because of it! I just love her dearly!!
I've got to work within their group of friends a few times now...a friend of mine from school~ "Lindsey" introduced me to the great folks in Concordia, A BIG SHOUT OUT TO CONCORDIA!! One of the friendliest places I've had the honor of being in...I love Concordia, it has the small town appeal that I love, and not so small that you still have a McDonald's, lol!!
Well I've got to get to work, I'm starting to get behind. Lindsey if you're reading this, I plan on posting some images from the "Senior Citizen's Prom" in a few days...hey all of you that don't have a clue, don't laugh, its' so much fun!! I think its 50 years and up, they all get dressed up ( I saw some great shoes!), they get served dinner, and then its DANCE PARTY!! Lindsey does a GREAT job with her FBLA students in planning this event, and it is such a success!! Everyone looks forward to it every year, they all have a ball! It's great to see the young generation trying to learn some dance moves from a generation that knows how to dance!! The kids also had to show the older generation how to do the Cha Cha Slide!! Okay, here's the comments I told you about, thank you to all of you that have been so gracious to me, I've got some great cheerleaders! :)

Dorinda Peyton said...
Looking forward to seeing what you're up to!
March 5, 2008 5:20 PM
Kyla Knight said...
The site looks awesome. I am loving your kids looking through the fence, and the way you capture their beautiful big eyes. Way to go girl!! Keep up the awesome work!
March 13, 2008 12:15 AM
Kari Woodard said...
To my favorite photographer and great friend, this site is awesome! I could look at your pics all day - you capture it all in your photos! Love the blog -- will be able to continue to see your great work! Take care and keep us all updated!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I've had the hardest time finding someone who wants a maternity session...I've been dying to do one, and a lot of my customers (AND Sister in law!) are so concerned with stretch marks or looking fat!! I don't think I ever felt fat while I was pregnant, exhausted, but never fat!! Not any of the four times...I felt beautiful and lucky, how many times in your life, do you gain 30-50 pounds and have people telling you constantly how adorable you are, lol!! I was so happy when this sweet Mommy of 3 girls called me, and guess what..."IT'S A BOY!"
Thanks Tina for the referral~I owe you.....again!

I had a ball, and I wanted to thank her and her husband for being so easy to get along with, I hope they're as happy with their proofs as I am....I've worked on them ever since they left!! Its not very often you have a first at my age, so I wanted everyone to see just how beautiful being pregnant is, she didn't have strech marks, but I can fix them!!!
Anyone needing a belly session?? Wish I was :(

Monday, March 10, 2008


This is my daughter Sidney, making her big acting debut!!
I think she has my smile!!

The flying monkeys!!

This is one of the biggest nights in Polo!!




My little performer!!

Does anyone know who this hottie is??


CONGRATS To the Boosters and KATIE!!
What a huge success!! You should all be proud, from the youngest to the oldest, Congratulations on a job very well done. I enjoyed this year so much more than last year. Maybe because my daughter Sidney has played the Hairspray and Wicked Soundtracks for months, so I recognized and could sing along to most of the music. I just loved it!! You'll be able to tell by how many pictures I am posting, that I had a good time. Sorry they're not in order, I'm still new at this! I had a wedding in the city on Sat. night, so I missed the dinner, and was so happy to hear that they were going to have a Sunday afternoon show. Its hard when you book a year ahead, you never know what you're going to miss out on, so a BIG THANK-YOU to whoever brought up the Sunday show!! I always hate missing out on anything my girls are involved in, and this time I didn't have too! Okay, I have to spotlight my flying monkey! She's gonna die when she sees this on here, but I just had to do it Sid!!
Again, to all involved~ WELL DONE!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Congratulations Hamilton Girls!!

Congrats to one of my favorite Seniors on an awesome game last night!! My coach always told us free throws win ball games~ and it sure did!! Good luck to you and your teammates!! I hope you go all the way~Penny