Monday, March 31, 2008

Comments about my NEW website!

Hey Everyone! I thought I would post some of the comments I have gotten about my new website...Dorinda is a friend that I met through a photography workshop, Hey Girl!! Kyla...she's my album designer, that is just completely awesome!! And then last but not least...KARI!!! Kari is one of my brides (bass boat, and fishing poles...) I had so much fun at Kari and Brad's wedding, they had a great bunch of friends. Kari is one of the blessings I have gotten from was a job the day we met, and I have a friend for life because of it! I just love her dearly!!
I've got to work within their group of friends a few times now...a friend of mine from school~ "Lindsey" introduced me to the great folks in Concordia, A BIG SHOUT OUT TO CONCORDIA!! One of the friendliest places I've had the honor of being in...I love Concordia, it has the small town appeal that I love, and not so small that you still have a McDonald's, lol!!
Well I've got to get to work, I'm starting to get behind. Lindsey if you're reading this, I plan on posting some images from the "Senior Citizen's Prom" in a few days...hey all of you that don't have a clue, don't laugh, its' so much fun!! I think its 50 years and up, they all get dressed up ( I saw some great shoes!), they get served dinner, and then its DANCE PARTY!! Lindsey does a GREAT job with her FBLA students in planning this event, and it is such a success!! Everyone looks forward to it every year, they all have a ball! It's great to see the young generation trying to learn some dance moves from a generation that knows how to dance!! The kids also had to show the older generation how to do the Cha Cha Slide!! Okay, here's the comments I told you about, thank you to all of you that have been so gracious to me, I've got some great cheerleaders! :)

Dorinda Peyton said...
Looking forward to seeing what you're up to!
March 5, 2008 5:20 PM
Kyla Knight said...
The site looks awesome. I am loving your kids looking through the fence, and the way you capture their beautiful big eyes. Way to go girl!! Keep up the awesome work!
March 13, 2008 12:15 AM
Kari Woodard said...
To my favorite photographer and great friend, this site is awesome! I could look at your pics all day - you capture it all in your photos! Love the blog -- will be able to continue to see your great work! Take care and keep us all updated!

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Kari Woodard said...

Penny! You are too kind. Your site is in my list of favorites. I love coming on to check out what you're up to. I continue to be simply amazed with your work. But, I think even more than your work, it's your true desire to make everyone feel so special! Thank you for that! We now own our own bass boat, by the way!! :) I'll be e-mailing you soon! Love ya!