Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Does Every Woman want this??

Hello everyone, I was just looking through the engagement session I took today, and came upon this one, it's one of my many, many favorites...isn't she beautiful!!

I started to think, does every woman want this of themselves, but we're to afraid to ask? I want this, When I'm taking pictures, I'm always looking to make someone feel like they're so much more than they think they are...Of course, Ashley knows she's pretty, but did she know she was this incredible!! I'm sure Chad is gonna go nuts over this....but would she even get this picture?? And if a woman has this kind of picture of herself, where does she hang it?? I'd say above the bed, so when she comes in totally exhausted from her day, she'll look at it and feel so good about herself she'd, you know... have really sweet dreams :)

I'd like to know what some of you ladies think...And even you men, would you want a picture of your wife like this?? And ladies, would you be brave enough to hang it, or would you feel vain??

I want all you girls to feel like models...you're one of God's most beautiful creations!


Karen said...

Yes, you are right she is very beautiful. The picture shows her confidence and the special bond they have between each other. They make a wonderful couple. This should most definitely hang over their bed. This is just the beginning of their love story. They will have many more pictures to add to these in the future. Welcome to our family Ashley. Congratulations Chad & Ashley.

Sharmin said...

You always seem to capture "that moment". To me, this picture represents what every woman wants...the loving affection of her spouse. This picture definitely belongs over the bed where both of them can see what an amazing story they have together.