Friday, March 21, 2008


I've had the hardest time finding someone who wants a maternity session...I've been dying to do one, and a lot of my customers (AND Sister in law!) are so concerned with stretch marks or looking fat!! I don't think I ever felt fat while I was pregnant, exhausted, but never fat!! Not any of the four times...I felt beautiful and lucky, how many times in your life, do you gain 30-50 pounds and have people telling you constantly how adorable you are, lol!! I was so happy when this sweet Mommy of 3 girls called me, and guess what..."IT'S A BOY!"
Thanks Tina for the referral~I owe you.....again!

I had a ball, and I wanted to thank her and her husband for being so easy to get along with, I hope they're as happy with their proofs as I am....I've worked on them ever since they left!! Its not very often you have a first at my age, so I wanted everyone to see just how beautiful being pregnant is, she didn't have strech marks, but I can fix them!!!
Anyone needing a belly session?? Wish I was :(

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Sharmin said...

I wish I looked that great when I was preggo! Those pictures look awesome! You do a fantastic job on everything you do. Your dedication to each client shows in your pictures. Love the new website! Can't wait until October for Luke's pictures!!!