Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, I've had to make some changes to my business for my life...Does that make sense?? As most of you know, I'm not very good at saying "No", so that gets me overbooked, and feeling completely overwhelmed with editing, and ordering...and ordering prints is very time consuming, and then once I receive orders, I have to sort them, invoice them, contact my clients and try to get together for them to be picked up.....ok, there is just not enough time in my day! I want to be able to do more things, like fit more sessions in! I'm so sorry to those that I've had to turn down...I'd like to be able to get to more of you...I'd also like to be able to check into different products that I'd like to have for my clients, (like jewelry and handbags, fun stuff!) So I have made a choice to use a lab that takes the orders for me, and also sends them directly to you....They will also handle my album design, so there will be some different options for albums, and even proofbooks. Once I have it all figured out, I will add the information to my website, one good thing, they also take charge cards, which I haven't done until now. All sessions and orders as of August 1, 2008 will have this option. I may try it out on a few of you just to see how it goes. Hopefully the transition will be a smooth one....I had to raise my prices a little to be able to afford this service, but hopefully this will give me more time and energy to be a photographer and a MOM, not stuck here behind the computer! Everyone say a prayer for me, and please be patient with me...Hopefully this will be best for me, my family and all of you, if not...I'll go back to what I was doing...as for now, this is the change in my life~

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