Thursday, February 11, 2010

You know when I said my life is crazy, I may have some of you not believe me, but after this story, any of you that don't have kids might not want them, and any of you that have had the day I've had...well, you'll totally understand my "crazyiness".

It all began after my PTO meeting today, I waited for Sammie to get out of basketball practice, and headed to Liberty, because no matter how hard I try to be a good momma, I forget Valentine's for the girl's party tomorrow!! Duh!! So I took them to Panda Express, just us girls...its was so nice, but Shelby, my 3rd grader was whining that she didn't want to eat, and she had fallen asleep on the way to Liberty, so I figured she was just tired. Well...she whined the whole time in Target, she was cold...she didn't want to walk anymore...please can I ride in the cart, I had just about had it with her. And on the way home about 3 miles from the Holt exit....PUKE!!! Everywhere...the back seat, up the front seat door....the other girls were going crazy! So I pull over, spend 30 minutes cleaning what I could up with paper towels and Lysol wipes ( thank God the gas station had them!!!) Then I went to vacuum up what I could of the fun I couldn't get with the dry paper towels....only to have my husband mad at me for keeping the girls out so late. Okay, I'm a little frustrated to say the least...but I have to stay up and fix brownies and cookies for the parties tomorrow because I made Mary a Doctor's appointment at 9:45 in the morning. Now I don't know if should try to meet up with one of my Brides or not tomorrow before the luck is not looking to good at this moment! I'm not positive when her appointment will be over, and I'm not really sure what they're going to have to do to her...I honestly think they are going to have to open Mary's poor little forehead up and try to get the stitch out that was suppose to dissolve and now is working its way she has about a half an inch of string hanging out of her little scar, and it is stuck, and I mean stuck if you're not busy tomorrow you can meet me at the doctor's office to help hold her down...or you can meet me afterwards at Starbuck's because I'm sure I'm gonna need something strong...and it will be to early to have anything any stronger! least I'm still laughing and not crying in the middle of the floor...cause' I think it would be pretty easy to do right now. Okay...I think I have vented enough tonight...I still have cookies to make! Oh the JOYS of being a Mom :)
Wish me luck, it may be a long night ~PENNY

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