Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear John....

Okay, I'm here to tell you....it wasn't the "Notebook" like we expected. We left the theater feeling let down, and disappointed! How could they have built this movie up and not put anything into it. The acting was good, what they actually got to act...most of the movie was used up with wasted time...time they could have used making you fall in love with the characters, and their story...and they didn't. We enjoyed Channing Tatum...I mean who doesn't enjoy him...I wanted to share with you this picture of my cousin Andy. He is a flight attendant on Southwest Airlines...and look who he got to take care of. He said he was really nice, and normal...which is awesome to hear...especially with how popular the guy is right now. Anyways...even if his movie wasn't one that I will watch over and over and cry like its the first time I saw it...its nice to know that he's a nice guy in real life ( plus, I can always watch G.I. Joe...that's more my kind of movie anyways, lol) If you're needing a good romance that will leave you crying on your pillow, the "Time Traveler's Wife" is coming out on Friday, now that's a good tear jerker! And once you catch onto the story line, you'll love it! Hope you all are staying warm, the girls got to stay home today...still have the basketball game tonight, so go Lady Panthers! Until we chat again~penny

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