Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello all...I've been gone for a few days in a row, and we have a track meet this afternoon, so I wanted to post a few pictures from Mary's field trip the other day. We had a beautiful day at the Kansas City Zoo...I hate to admit it, but this was Mary's first trip to the zoo. We had a ball, and walked our legs legs are sore still today! I'm out of shape!! I'll try to post a few pictures, but I've got to get moving!
This was my favorite picture of the day...the kangaroos preformed for a long time for us, and this was my favorite shot! They worked each over good!

Mary's little group of friends....they got more excited over seeing a bench towards the end than seeing any of the animals....that's alot of little steps!!

This was our favorite animal...a squirrel monkey. The kids had a ball with him, I'd have took him home till I saw what he was picking through looking for a snack...YUCK!! He was kissing the kids through the glass, and running back and forth and jumping up and hitting the glass, they thought it was great!!

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