Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hello Everyone...I'm trying to be a little better about blogging, I hope there are actually people out there reading. I wanted to post of few images of this incredibly beautiful senior...yes, senior. She has the most beautiful eyes....I don't know if she had her makeup done, or if she is just REALLY good at it, but I want to know her secrets!!! I have zoomed in on her eyes more times than I want to tell, trying to figure out how and why her eyes look so good! She didn't wear alot, but what she had on looked perfect! If she had her makeup done, I would recommend everyone doing it (ok, not you guys...that would be weird) She was photogenic, but if she would have had a ton of make up caked on, you wouldn't have got the same effect. I try to capture the eyes, in every picture I take, that is my focus point, not both eyes, just the one closest to me....I love to capture the eyelashes, the catch light...that little twinkle in a child's if you're coming to me for portraits, take a long time on your eyes, work really hard on them....that will be my main focus! Now, I'm gonna bug her on where she went, what kind of make up, what colors...I love the smokey look! Ok, gotta get moving, have a little fire fighter some of those images later.
Have a very Happy Easter! Don't forget why we celebrate! Our Savior Lives!!!!!!!!

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