Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Day!

Okay, we missed church this morning, so it didn't start out happy. I hate missing church, it just throws my whole week off. I can't believe I'm so tired all the time! I guess its getting older??? Yikes! I'm in trouble, cause I felt like Grandma getting out of bed this morning. Chris had to work this morning, and feeding babies (lambs) in the night is really getting to me! Now...where does the happy part come in???

I just found out one of my favorite, favorite brides is gonna have a baby!! I'm so excited for that made my day.

Okay, I have a mess to clean up in the bathroom, this is the last day for my "lambs" to be in the house, its suppose to be warmer this week, and even though I love them...I'm so tired of cleaning up after them. They will have a nice warm place in the barn, and I'll still have to go out and feed them, but I won't have to bleach the bathroom every 4 hands can't take it anymore! And I really don't want my house to smell like a barn! last time...they're wanting fed, again Gotta go make a path,Yuck ;) Here's a few pictures to look at. Until we chat again~PENNY

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Brad & Kari Woodard said...

Awwww - how sweet of you!! Thanks for being excited! Like I said, I just wish we were closer so you could take all the baby pics! In case you didn't know, you're like my favorite, favorite photographer!!! :-) Have a great day!! Kari