Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First softball game....

Well ball season has started...Sammie Jo played her first varsity game last night at Norborne. She DH'd...and then pitched the JV game. She did a great job, her parents were more nervous for her than she was...At least she has one under her belt. I took pictures of course, didn't get a great one of my own kid, that always stinks...but here are a few I thought were pretty cool. The girls did a good job, just didn't get any breaks....got to work on our batting! Sam had a pretty good hit during the JV game that I'm sure she wishes she'd of had during the varsity game, but...we'll work on that. I've got to get to work, until we chat again~Penny

This is my favorite shot of the day, you could see the dust in our catchers glove, she did a great job!

Got her!!

SAFE...the catcher dropped the ball!!

Up easy!

Got another one!

Nice throw to second, with a backup ready to assist! I'm sure it was a long game for our pitcher, she did a great job too...the pitcher and catcher work really good together.


allbecause2peoplefellnluv said...

Hey Penny so glad I now have a sight to keep up with you all. The photography is exceptional...great job. I am very proud of your accoplishments. I sent your sight to the kids so they too could catch up with you. Hugs to all, Gail and Ron

Adrian said...

These look really cool Penny...