Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello Everyone,

I'm so sorry I've been so bad with this blog! I'm sure everyone's Christmas was as busy as ours. It's finally starting to slow down around here. I don't know about you, but it feels like once Thanksgiving gets here, its all just a big blur till after Christmas....its kind of sad don't you think?? I've still got my tree up, he's going to have to come down this week...he's not looking to good. I figured if we cut him down, the least we could do was keep him up as long as we could. Funny how the tree is a "he"....but that's how we have referred to him. I've worked pretty much the day away on an ad for a wedding expo. I don't need to advertise, all of my incredible customers help me with so many referrals that I've never had to do it....But I'm not gonna lie to you, when this wedding expo comes out, and I'm not in it...I can't help but pout a little. So I decided to do it for me, and believe it or not, I still hear " I didn't even know you were a photographer"....why yes I am, I've trained under some of the best photographers around! Please don't stop referring people to me, I love to have customers call and tell me one of you sent them my way, I appreciate it so very much! I'll leave you with this new ad, and I'll try to post some very exciting things this week...I have my jewelry and handbag to show off, so hopefully that will get done...Hopefully!! Good night for now, PENNY

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