Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
I just wanted to post a few pictures from this wedding I've been working was a BLAST! I had forgot how many fun pictures there was from this wedding. I had a great couple, with a great group of friends....awesome colors....any of you bride's out there reading this, check out the "Chocolate" tuxes...the guys looked incredible!! I think these had to be the best tuxes I've ever seen, and different!! That's always nice...but very yummy too!! I guess I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner, because yummy was the only word I could come up with...I plan on using some of their pictures on my spotlight session, but just a fun...classy, AWESOME wedding! I hope they liked all of their pictures as much as I did...I've got to have a sample album of this one!
On a more personal note, say a prayer thanking the Lord for all of your blessings...don't think about what you don't have, or all of the things that can bring you down...debt, loss of a loved one...I know one of my Bride's just lost their Grandma, and a Groom just lost his Grandmother too...but think of all the things we do have. A warm home, plenty of food in the fridge, warm coats, shoes and socks...even your tooth brush, running water, and clean water...those are the things we take for granted here in this wonderful country, I don't think I've ever, one time thought about not being able to eat...might not have been what I wanted, but I've always had plenty....I'm so very thankful for my adorable husband, and beautiful girls, my parents, sisters...brothers (by marriage)...I have great in-laws that love me (who reads this pretty faithfully, which means a lot) I'm so very blessed to have my family all close, I have Sunday dinner with most of them ever Sunday after Church...and how could I forget...Church, and freedom to worship, vote, come and go as we please...wear what I want, no one forces me into anything I don't want to do, we are so blessed...Take time to think about all of those blessing, no matter how big or small they are...I'm thankful for all of you out there reading always makes me feel good when someone tells me they check out my blog...I guess if they're still reading, I'll try to find time to still do it....I like talking to you out there, and I feel like you'll get to know me better, and see that I'm not only a photographer, I'm your friend! I'm thankful for all of my good friends, some I know I don't take enough time for...and should, so if you're reading this, I love you and I'm thankful for you!! Enough said, I've got to get my rolls out of the oven, I'm gonna try not to be late for dinner today...but I'm sure we will be!! Sorry Rhonda! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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