Sunday, November 2, 2008

My, My, MY!!!

Hello Everyone, I had to post this image tonight...I can't believe just how fast 3 years go by! I'm sure everyone around town is dying for me to do something different with these babies...but I've always just loved this ad with them ....but they sure don't look like this anymore!! My, My, MY!! What fun this was, actually every session is fun with this family...and believe it or not, its getting easier! We were talking about all of our past sessions, the first session, I got to help feed, and change diapers...I wanted another baby so bad after that one, and then they got mobile!! So the next year was alot tougher....and then more mobile...and a little tougher to get everyone to just sit in one spot the next year...and this year, now 3 YEARS OLD! And big brother is a school boy now, its always been a little frustrating for him...he smiles and then they're not, I think he actually had alot more fun this year! So with a 6 year old, and 4 ~3 year old toddlers, I think we did pretty darn good! I always dred this for their parents, I know its so hard, and I had to cancel on them last minute a couple of weeks ago because my 7 year old sliced a chunck of her toe off and we had to run for stiches, but to be honest, I think we had a much better day because of it! Well, got to run...gotta get girls to bed, its late start tomorrow at school so everyone is still up, talk to you soon~ Penny

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signacarter said...

Penny, Thank you so much for your hard work that went in to taking pictures for the Snodgrass for 3 yrs. now. You are awesome!! That picture is great. Jodie told me I could check on here and it looks wonderful.
I appreciate you and your expertise.

God bless you and your beautiful family.

Mamo Signa