Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Samples....

I am so excited to show you all of this jewelry!! I love mine so much. I've never bought myself anything like this before, but I decided my babies weren't going to be babies long ( I know your not really babies girls, but you'll always be my babies!) So once I saw this company @ a photography workshop, I had to have them! I love silver, and these are solid sterling silver...and very nice. Made really good, you can tell its not "cheap" jewelry as soon as you touch it. I hope these pictures do it justice. I would like to place an order by the first of March for anyone wanting them back in time for Mother's Day. Plus that gives us time to save a little back each week....or at least that's how I have to do it. I'll be honest, the necklaces are more affordable than the bracelet's. And the ring I have of the girls is a little big for me...I like the smaller square, but the picture isn't as big....and with 4 girls, I needed the bigger one. Anyone interested, just let me know. I have a few books, but I can order more...I'll try to post a picture of my new handbag tomorrow...if you get a chance their website is There is soooo many to choose from, and so many different colors! I want them all...but know better! This is the nicest purse I have ever owned, probably nicer than every purse added together that I've ever owned, more to come.....I've at least got you interested, right??

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