Friday, August 6, 2010

Softball Season

Since Softball season is just around the corner, I decided to go all sportz on the blog!

I've started senior pictures this year off with a bang! Holy cow have I been blessed with good looking kids! ...young adults, my bad! Anyways, I'll try to start doing better with the blog now that school is about to start....seems like our summers just fly by, and the time I think I'm going to catch up on everything around here...doesn't happen! I don't honestly think I have deep cleaned my house in forever...I don't want to be that honest with myself, so...we'll not go there today. Between softball games, camps, braces, more camps...and more games...I feel like all I am is taxi service. Wouldn't miss any of my girls games if I can keep from it, but still have to be a grown up too...and work :(

Well, I'll leave you with a beautiful senior...and know there will be more to come! Hope you've had a great summer, until we chat again! ~PENNY

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Adrian said...

I like this Penny!