Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day of school...

I'm alone!! I hate the first day of school, but my girls sure were excited! They bounced out of bed this morning! A couple were up before I had to even wake them, bet you can guess which two, lol. We didn't get to bed as early as I would have liked...we were dying hair, cutting bangs, polishing nails,fixing lunches and reading books all after the time that I said I wanted them in bed I figured they would have been hard to get up, but nope! Tomorrow maybe!! I wanted to post a few pictures from this morning, so Grandmas and Aunts could see. I have to admit...they're some pretty hot chicks! I think they're Daddy is in for some hard years, not that their Momma is gonna enjoy them either, but he seems to take it pretty hard. Yes...that part, the boys! And them looking a lot older than they are...they're beautiful, and a little make-up and POOF! You have grown men hitting on them...and we haven't even got to the one that's really boy crazy!!! Mary is and animal!!!
Its all good, I love having 4 girls...just love it!'s the pictures, my sweet baby girls on the first day of school :)

Sammie Jo- Sophomore

Sidney~ 8th Grade

Shelby Dale~ 4th Grade

Mary Clare~ 1st Grade

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