Thursday, May 13, 2010

Has it been that long....

I know I've been super busy, but I didn't think it had been a month already! Sorry everyone...between senior orders, track meets and all of the last month of school stuff...I'm plum wore out! Sammie made it to sectionals this weekend, and then we have another busy weekend! I wanted to post a couple pictures of one of my best friends little girls...we took these in the orchard about 5 miles away when it was in full about a awesome place for a tea party! I think after she got used to us watching her, she really had a ball...and of course, I had way to many for her Momma to pick from! Hopefully she can make up her mind better than I could...she just made such cute, sweet faces...laughing, running, picking flowers...a photographers dream. Poor Mary saw them and wanted to have a tea party too....but it rained after our session, and all of the blooms were gone, so next year, I'd better get it done, or my sweet baby girl will think she's too old for a tea party!

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