Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello Everyone,
Wanted to post a picture from Sidney's softball game last night....Chris went to watch Sammie at Grant City, and I stayed home to watch Sidney...its hard to pick who goes where, but he was a sweetie and made the two hour trip, even after he'd drove an hour home from work...he has more than a few moments...he just keeps getting more thoughtful and sweeter by the minute :)

As much as I hate to admit...I think cheerleading has helped her with softball, at least pitching and her leg lift....she's kicking that leg up over her head all the time, every time shes bored you can tell, she starts cheering and kicking that leg up...but this is one time its really helped her out.

I don't know how she throws that leg up so high and not fall flat, guess its better her than me! She says its hard to throw your leg up, pitch a strike and say a prayer all at the same, she did really good for her first game of starting at pitcher, Sammie and Sidney both have put alot of time and energy into pitching the last couple of years, and both have gotten pretty darn good...and all to the credit of Mr. Newhart, who puts in that same time, his very valuable time to teach them...and I'm sure he puts in alot of patience as well working with a half a dozen girls, teen girls!! All I know is my girls sure do think alot of him, I hope everyone knows just how much he must care about the kids to give up his Sunday afternoons for 2 years....all just out of the goodness of his heart....

Okay, back to work...I'll try to get the senior sports pictures done tonight and for those of you that are reading this, and want the passwords, just send me and email Until we chat again~PENNY

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