Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are we in trouble!!!

This is just a really fast post, I have been working on a few pictures of my girls...I didn't get the older girls school pictures, I always hate to get them and see a fake smile, and honest, they're just not that good! How could they be...you're lucky if they take two, and they turn your head all cocka ma me....I know, that's not a word, but that's a great word for what they do to you. Anyways, I took pictures of them for about 20 minutes before softball practice yesterday, and now....I'm wishing I would have gotten school pictures, no....lol, but they sure are beautiful, their poor daddy couldn't hardly look! This is the same technique I used on the hit or miss picture...Gotta run to a game, talk to you soon, PEN


grams said...

GWOW !!! you are going to have to lock the doors, turn off the phone and you will still have boys beating the doors down!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL

R.Copeland said...

you sure could be..