Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few more before vacation...

Yes, I'm taking a mini vacation (I'm taking work with me, boo hoo) I wanted to post a few before I left. I have so many favorites, so little time! So I'm leaving you with a few romantic, fun, and adorable pics till I get back, and then I'll post some of Mt. Rushmore...the girls think we're going to find the lost city of on National Treasure! Lol, that's one of our favorite movies, we tend to watch our favorites...over and over again. Okay, need to pack, sent the family to church so I could get that done before the basketball and softball games start for the day...we're splitting up to take one to Cameron, and one to Hamilton....both have games same time, different town and sport! Also have to make it to Momma's for lunch, we're celebrating my Daddy's 60th birthday that was this sisters and I decorated where he works, totally surprised him! Gotta love a good surprise! Okay...wish me luck on the packing!

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